Ximena Contla

Ancestral wisdom and healing practitioner

As a practitioner of ancestral wisdom and healing, I am here to guide you on the path towards inner healing using ancestral techniques such as quantum healing with neuro-cellular reprogramming, work with sacred plants, dream work, ceremonies, and rituals. My goal is to help you regain your inner strength, your connection to nature, and to your own being. Additionally, I offer Healing Magic, an alchemic boutique with a wide range of products, from tinctures produced with hermetic principles to small items created by different artists and healers. 

The footprints on my path

How I arrived in this place was no coincidence, it was a dream I had without knowing I had it. Now I understand that what I dream, I create, and I am consciously shaping that dream. I am here to share with you the tools in my hands and accompany you on your healing journey, the journey to return to you. 

I am Ximena, a passionate on the usage ancestral and natural techniques to help you rediscover inner harmony and connect with your true self. My approach is gentle, compassionate, and respectful of your own pace and unique path.

I grew up in Mexico City and spent much of my childhood in a town near Teotihuacan, the sacred place of the Toltecs. For many years, I worked as an expat in the humanitarian field, until I experienced a burnout that led me back to the path of healing. Through circles of women, Mother Nature, and the wisdom of plants, I rediscovered my calling and developed my own unique practice. I draw on my experiences from all the places I've visited in my life, as well as my studies of cultures and ancient healing traditions from around the world. As a lifelong lucid dreamer, I have found the practice of dreaming to be an invaluable tool in my work. I am committed to sharing what works for me and offering genuine tools and practices that allow others to feel whole and connected.

Unlock the secrets of ancient wisdom and natural healing

I offer you a range of experiences to accompany you on the path of your inner healing and personal growth. My offerings are designed to help you regain emotional balance, reconnect with your deeper nature, and with your inner wisdom.

The paths are infinite, you choose the journey 

Dream your way to  healing

Using various techniques from dreamwork to weaving a collective dream in circles we incorporate a dream-like state to change our minds and allow ourselves to heal. 

Transformational Inner Journeys

Embark in a journey of self transformation where plants and your subconscious guide you into the realms of  your true essence.

A boutique with magic medicinal creations of plants and  the energy of the stars, using hermetic principles created by me, and handcrafts from various artists.

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Dream your  way to  healing 

Dream work, Workshops, Sacred Plant Ceremonies, and Healing Circles


I offer dreamwork sessions that incorporate Toltec teachings and other ancient wisdom traditions to help you unlock the transformative power of your dreams. Dreamwork is a powerful tool that allows us to access the wisdom and insights of our unconscious mind. Through dream interpretation and exploration, we can uncover hidden patterns and beliefs that may be holding us back from living our fullest potential. By working with dreams, we gain a greater understanding of ourselves, our relationships, and the world around us. We can also use dreamwork to transform our reality, turning our dreams into tangible actions that bring about positive change. 

Healing Circles

When we heal in circle, we come together to support each other on our individual healing journeys. Drawing from my knowledge and experience of different healing traditions and cultures, I have created a unique approach that combines various tools and practices to create a safe and sacred spaces for healing. When we gather in circle, we have the opportunity to mirror each other's experiences and gain insights from each other's wisdom. Through sharing our stories and struggles, we can feel seen and heard, and find the strength to heal and grow. In these circles, I hold space with the utmost care and respect for everyone's journey, inviting you to connect with your authentic self and discover the power of community healing.

Cacao Ceremonies and Sacred Plants

Cacao ceremonies and ceremonies with sacred plants are powerful tools for transformation and healing. The ancient traditions of working with these plant medicines have been used for thousands of years to access higher states of consciousness, connect with the divine, and bring about deep healing on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In these ceremonies, we come together in a safe and sacred space to connect with the spirit of the plants and open ourselves to their wisdom. With the accompaniment of drumming, we access trance states that allow us to journey deep within ourselves and unlock the power of our own inner healer. These ceremonies are a powerful way to connect with yourself, with others, and with the greater universe, and to experience the magic of healing through the plant spirits

Transformational Inner Journeys

Quantum Healing Sessions, Sacred Plant Floral Therapy,  and personalized guidance to explore the powers of Sacred Plants. 

Quantum Healing

In Quantum Healing sessions, we work together to bring your unconscious patterns into consciousness, giving you the power to recognize and change them when they reappear. In just four sessions, I will guide you towards unlocking the keys to living a more balanced life. If you feel stuck and uncertain about what is happening in your life, if you find yourself in repetitive patterns and situations, let me help you explore this powerful tool for healing.  

Flower Therapy with Sacred Plants

Flower Therapy is a gentle and powerful form of healing that uses flower essences to address emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances. These essences are created from the energetic imprint of flowers from sacred plants in Mexico and Peru, and carry the healing wisdom of these plants. Flower Therapy works by addressing the underlying emotional patterns and beliefs that contribute to our physical and mental health. By working with flower essences, we can release negative patterns and emotions, increase our self-awareness, and bring balance to our lives. As a Flower Therapy practitioner, I work with you to select the appropriate flower essences for your unique needs, creating a personalized treatment plan to support your healing journey.

Sacred Plants Exploration

This personalized service offers guidance and support for exploring the transformative powers of sacred plants. Through individualized sessions, we will work together to navigate the inner landscape and uncover the healing potential of plant medicine. With deep respect for the spirit of the plant and your individual journey , we draw from ancient wisdom traditions to create a safe and sacred space for exploration. Through ceremony and ritual, we will connect with the plant spirit and listen to its teachings. Whether you are seeking spiritual insight, emotional healing, or physical restoration, this journey will be tailored to your unique needs and intentions.


"The floral therapy with Ximena has done more than just work for me, it has had a profound impact within me, and I greatly appreciate the therapy. The connection between all its elements and her is very evident. Each candle, each stone, each essence, even the little mat, everything is like a set that makes it very powerful. Everything has worked for me, everything has been quite perfect, everything is in its place."

Fernanda C. 

"Ximena is a very generous and gentle person. Her knowledge as a healer goes beyond what one can imagine. She allows us to experience deep healing that is connected to our soul, which fills me with immense gratitude for life and her art. Her way of helping goes beyond everything known; her generosity is strong and abundant. Thank you for your magic, Ximena!"

Cecilia C. 

"They say that forgiveness is like traveling to the past and returning safe and sound. Thank you so much for accompanying me, with your technique and sacred plants, on that journey to the depths of my soul. A big hug from a liberated and empowered client."

Paola C. 

Type of accompaniment

Individual Sessions

In the one-on-one sessions, I offer personalized support for your healing and growth. Together, we dive deep into your unique journey and explore the tools and practices that will best serve your path. Whether you're looking to work with sacred plants, tap into your dreams, or cultivate inner peace, my intention is to create a safe and nurturing space for you to thrive.

Group Sessions

In the group sessions, we come together to create a collective space for healing and transformation. Through the power of community, we amplify our intentions and support each other's growth. Whether we're working with sacred plants, sharing dreams, or engaging in ritual, my intention is to facilitate a space of deep connection and shared wisdom.