Ximena Contla

Ancestral wisdom and healing practitioner

Unlock the secrets of ancient wisdom and natural healing

Using various techniques from dreamwork to weaving a collective dream in circles we incorporate a dream-like state to change our minds and allow ourselves to heal. 

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Embark in a journey of self transformation where plants and your subconscious guide you into the realms of  your true essence.

A boutique with magic medicinal creations of plants and  the energy of the stars, using hermetic principles created by me, and handcrafts from various artists.

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As a practitioner of ancestral wisdom and healing, I am here to guide you on the path towards inner healing using ancestral techniques such as quantum healing with neuro-cellular reprogramming, work with sacred plants, dream work, ceremonies, and rituals. My goal is to help you regain your inner strength, your connection to nature, and to your own being. Additionally, I offer Healing Magic, an alchemic boutique with a wide range of products, from tinctures produced with hermetic principles to small items created by different artists and healers.
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